Covid 19 and the 5th Wave of democracy

Since time immemorial instability and insecurity has always been the causes of uprising. Starting from the french revolution where the common people suffered for centuries under oppressive elite however the frustrations only boiled over when the droughts accentuated the famines and epidemics. The french revolution did not come about because the working class were starving, they had been in living in a perpetual state of poverty subject to discrimination and disregard. Instead they revolted because they lost all sense of confidence on the state which deliberately abused them, depriving them of their opportunities and dooming them to a life austerity and extreme suffereing.

The state by its very nature functions to preserve itself and this preservation occurs through the control and exploitation of its citizenry. This applies to all kinds of states, ranging from absolute dictatorships to even the liberal monarchies. But liberal countries thrive better than others for they are consider the well being of their citizens a means for state preservation itself.

For the French monarchy the war was a means of safeguarding their honour and pride. This excessive fixation on waging war with Britain came with a heavy cost , a cost paid by the common people, with their freedoms both social and financial being slashed further than ever. Hence extreme neglect and rebuking existing forms of freedom (however little they had been in the past) called for a rejection of the state and hence came forth the famous French Revolution.

Countries across the world are going under lockdown restricting people’s freedom of movement. Though to a certain extent such measures do protect the masses from the virus these measures also muffles people’s right and ability to express their discontent with their governance systems. Violators of the lockdown are often punished severely, often times inhumanely as states increasingly exploit their power to clamp down on anti -government activists.

This can be seen across the world , In Thailand millions come out against the monarchy , in Hong Kong for their right to an autonomous democratic government even in USA the oldest and the most powerful democracy against the Trump Presidency.

Hence the combination of existing systemic problems coupled with restricted rights of the post covid world it would not to completely impossible for us to wake up to a world rocked by protests in every continent.

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